About Freedom Ball

Freedom Ball questions whether the Hong Kong government controls the use of public space for the benefit of Hong Kong people.

We do this through simple and striking interventions in public spaces which encourage the public to engage directly with activities which are currently banned in the space.

The principles of our interventions are that they challenge the rules in a way that is positive and engaging and encourage the public to join in actively.

Our aim is to change the way that public spaces are managed, designed and controlled so that they meet the needs of Hong Kong people.

自由波向政府質疑: 政府控制公共空間的使用是否有利於公眾利益。


這些行動的宗旨就是: 大家用正面而又有趣的形式鼓勵公眾積極投入這類活動,挑戰僵化規條。

我們的目的在於改變公共空間的設計和管理模式, 最終能符合香港市民的需要。

Friday, July 18, 2008

Freedom Ball at Quarry Bay Park 自由波蒞臨鰂鱼涌公園

Our second experiment was at Quarry Bay Park. Again the support from the public was great. The park management tried to stop proceedings this time, though, threatening to call the police at one point. Encouragingly, the result was that, rather than scaring people away, it merely prompted more people to join in in defiance of the regulations.

When it started to rain we sheltered under cover and had a discussion about the park rules. Again, people were really supportive and some agreed to pose for a group photo in support of the project (see photo 6 above).

This positive response was duplicated all day as we 'toured' the park.

我們的第二個試驗選擇了鰂鱼涌公園。 再一次,公眾給了巨大的支持。 公園管理人員设法令这次行動流產,縱然他們曾威脅要向警察舉報。 但令人鼓舞的是: 這些威脅沒能把人吓跑,相反地只是激勵更多市民加入挑戰這些規條。

下雨了,我們暫避於簷下, 并齊齊探討公園的規條。 再不約而同地,市民真誠支持, 有些市民甚至赞成影大合照以表支持(上面的see photo 6)。

整天『遊』園活動中, 随處可遇這些熱烈支持。

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