About Freedom Ball

Freedom Ball questions whether the Hong Kong government controls the use of public space for the benefit of Hong Kong people.

We do this through simple and striking interventions in public spaces which encourage the public to engage directly with activities which are currently banned in the space.

The principles of our interventions are that they challenge the rules in a way that is positive and engaging and encourage the public to join in actively.

Our aim is to change the way that public spaces are managed, designed and controlled so that they meet the needs of Hong Kong people.

自由波向政府質疑: 政府控制公共空間的使用是否有利於公眾利益。


這些行動的宗旨就是: 大家用正面而又有趣的形式鼓勵公眾積極投入這類活動,挑戰僵化規條。

我們的目的在於改變公共空間的設計和管理模式, 最終能符合香港市民的需要。

Friday, August 1, 2008

South China Morning Post

The South China Morning Post have said they will run a piece about Freedom Ball in tomorrow's paper (Sunday 3rd August) so have a look!

南華早報已說將在明天的報張上(八月三日, 星期天)貼上一篇關於自由波的文章,請看一看吧!


Island Courier said...

Excellent initiative. Luckily everybody ignores the park rules here in Silvermine Bay (Mui Wo) on Lantau. The same with the parts of the beach, not controlled by the LCSD.

Paul McMahon (LSA) said...

Good coverage of a good idea!
Well done!
Not sure that we can change the arse covering policies of the Hong Kong government so easily but baby steps are good. I am a cyclist. Try getting change in the policy of bikes in Hong Kong and see how you go!

gweipo said...

Great initiative. Ditto to the comment on cycling. Our parks nearby would be perfect for little kids on bikes, but it's not allowed on the off chance that some doddery adult whose not looking where they're going would be hit... but 90% of the time the park is completely empty. It's ridiculous.

Let me know how I can help on the freedom ball initiative. My kids would love it.

Josefina said...

Really great idea! Parks should be there to enjoy. Group disobedience may be a good way to get attention and get the ball rolling. I'd be very happy to join.

Thanks for your initiative!

Anonymous said...

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